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Audio interface

X4 Audiomatrix

Versatile and programmable audio mixer with extensive functionality

The X4 audio matrix, developed by Abiom, is the most versatile audio mixing module currently available on the market. The X4 enables fast and easy mixing of various sound sources into onecombined output, and rapid control of volume and other functions of the connected peripheral devices.
The audio matrix can be used in different configurations andwill interface with systems in vehicles, motorcycles, boats and small (mobile) control room solutions. Up to 4 separate speaker outputs are used.
Additionally, there is a convenient helmet or headset jack. An auto-sensing connection detects whether a helmet is attached. Quick and easy installation saves significant time. Never has the combination of various audio sources and control functions been made so easy.

The audio matrix is available with different options. By default, the X4 module comes with three separate audio channel ports. A fourth port is in the form of an optional Bluetooth connection. The specially developed software in the audio matrix makes it possible for the user to control the volume of all connected devices from a single point. Each input and output channel has its own filter and equalizer. X4 also controls the PTT function of all the connected devices and, for simplicity just a single microphone is needed.
Depending on the type of connected device, soft keys for triggering status functions are available to send, for example, pre-programmed text messages.
The remote controller is available with or without a LCD display. For additional flexibility and enhanced capability, two controllers can be linked together, enabling up to 16 function buttons.

  • Fully user programmable
  • Fast and time-saving installation
  • Operation through various remote controls
  • Bluetooth audio channel (optional)
  • Voice calls
  • Status and text messages
  • priority channel
  • automatic audio detection
  • programmable softkeys
  • automatic helmet/headset detection
  • Expandable io
  • pEi support
  • 4 audio channels
  • audio levels programmable per channel
PA 8W Class-D
Headset Balanced
Audio in 600Ohm line matching
Audio Out 600Ohm line matching
Microfoon Headset & covert
Height 164 mm
Width 82 mm
Depth 32 mm
Color black
Power Range 10 ~ 17vdc
13,8vdc nominal
Current Consumption 100mA (standby)