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Transportable Tetra solutions


Rugged Transportable TETRA Transceiver Rucksack

In co-operation with police force users BiTEA has designed a multi roll, rugged transportable TETRA transceiver unit designated the NC9000. The unit is based around a TETRA gateway transceiver and uses light weight, high capacity Li-Ion batteries providing 27Ah at 14.4V The internal batteries are capable of providing extended operation for 24 hours (depending on duty cycles.)

Extended Range Covert Operations(Gateway/Repeater)

In this roll the rugged NC9000 can be dug in with only the antenna brought out for mounting in a suitable location. The NC9000 can then provide extended coverage as a gateway or repeater for covert teams.

Emergency Vehicle Fit

The NC9000 is also designed to be rapidly deployed in vehicles, typically being stowed on the floor or in the vehicle trunk/boot. Power for the unit in this roll can be either from the internal batteries or the vehicle 12V/24V DC supply which will also charge the internal batteries.

Temporary Location

The NC9000 can be deployed as a table top transceiver in temporary locations such as field command posts. In this roll the unit can also be powered by an optional 220V AC power supply which also charges the batteries.

  • Rugged construction
  • Fit for purpose design
  • Weather resistant
  • Light weight
  • Powered by high capacity Li-Ion internal batteries, external 12V DC or 220V AC
  • Operational running time on the internal batteries is in excess of 24 hours depending on duty cycles.
  • The internal batteries are hot swappable in the field
  • Optional built in DC-DC converter allows the unit to be powered from external 8VDC – 28VDC
  • Spare batteries and charging units and cables are available.
  • Designed for ease of field maintenance
  • Rucksack and Peli case versions available
  • Standard transceiver accessories can be used.

NC9000 brochure [220 KB]